SQL SERVER Display Row count of all the tables
SQL SERVER Display Row count of all the tables

Recently we have performance issue in SQL SERVER and we decided to move some large tables to different file group, so we can improve SQL SERVER performance, as it uses other disks I/O. Now challenge is to identify large tables from many tables (approx 700 tables).  

SQL SERVER - Query to compare number of Rows between different Databases

We have two databases in the same SQL server instance. Both of the databases are copy of the production database, so both contains same tables. We added some records in Test Database’s some tables to update some features. We have added data in many tables of test database. Now we need to also update Production DB with the updated data. To update Production Database, we need to make sure in which tables we have updated data and then we will check and update production database accordingly. We have many numbers of tables, and we have updated many tables, so its not possible for us to check it manually.