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SQL SERVER: SSIS - Look Up Transformation Task


SQL SERVER: SSIS - Look Up Transformation Task

oday, I am going to give basic example of Lookup Transformation Task in SSIS.

Lookup transformation performs lookup operation by joining data in input columns with reference table dataset columns.Lookup can be used to access addition information from the reference dataset based on the matching criteria Reference dataset can be OLEDB table, Excel file or cache file, or SQL query result.

SQL SERVER: T-SQL to find out when database was restored


SQL SERVER: T-SQL to find out when database was restored

Recently, we have found that our testing database has been restored on the server and we lost our recent work. We have to identify that at what time the database has been restored, so we can know that what are the changes need to be restored again on the database

SQL SERVER: SSIS - Derived Column Data Flow Transformation


SQL SERVER: SSIS - Derived Column Data Flow Transformation

As I explained earlier about Foreach Loop Container. One of regular reader of blog send me an email about one issue.



SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) is an upgrade of DTS (Data Transformation Services), which is a feature of the previous version of SQL Server

Community TechDays at Ahmedabad - Great Event


Community TechDays at Ahmedabad - Great Event

There was a great event held by Microsoft and PASS (Professional Association of SQL Server) in Ahmedabad on 3rd October 2009. This was very big event where 250+ attendees attend the excellent session of Vinod KumarPinal DaveJacob Sebastian and Prabhjot Singh Bakshi. There were Four technical sessions by these excellent speakers.


SQL SERVER: Community Tech Days in our City at Ahmedabad on 3rd October 2009

Microsoft Community Tech Days are in 11 cities in INDIA with 19 insightful Technical Sessions.


SQL SERVER: Difference between DELETE and TRUNCATE commands

We interviewed many people my company as recruitments are going on for developers. When I asked this SQL SERVER question to person "What is difference between DELETE and TRUNCATE in SQL SERVER?". 
I got the following  answers from most of them are, which are incorrect:
1. I can not use WHERE condition with TRUNCATE command
2. I can not use TRUNCATE command if foreign key is there on table.
3. TRUNCATE is faster than the DELETE, as  DELETE write records them in Log file in case it is needed to rollback in future from LOG files. etc..
These answers are correct. I also got this answer, which is Incorrect: 


SQL SERVER: Check if Node exists in XML or not

Today, I have one requirement to check dynamically if a node exists in my xml or NOT.



Recently I have following situation:
I don't need to execute trigger's code on some condition, like if it is called from particular stored procedure. If data is being updated from any other places, like application, or any other stored procedures, trigger code should be executed, but when one particular Stored Procedure is updating data to that table, it should not allow to do so.